Building - the worlds biggest 6 mtr EME station -
8 X 6M11JKV home made yagis on a mobile crane
22 mtr high, 30 mtr horizontal boom, full elevation


Frontside nicely polished, the new grill, ready to be mounted (don't try bbq-ing on this grill ;-)  can't wait to start painting

Aaldert PE1NKX working on the new door covers, te left side ready, waiting for some paint

After an extremely busy december month at QRL we finnaly had some time again to work on the crane on the 3rd. of January.
The new roof is ready and so is also the new front of the cabin, only the sides and doors needs to be done

welding the bars of the new roof construction

Dismantling the rotten cabin, starting with the new "roofbars" and chassis for the new floor

Metamorfose from the tailend, I now have a Mondriaan of my own :-)

can we be just a bit proud on "products from Holland"
The "new" motor compartment, also "noise insulated" inside and painted as "new" :-)
After placing back the azimuthrotor the turntest could start, with the remote control on the contraweight I made the 1st turn
Test OK, 360+ degrees turn without problems

The "azimuth motor" taken of with the forklift, on the bench to be cleaned like the gearbox on the crane

CRANE LOG: Thursday October 11th. 2007
1st test in crancking up the tower from horizontal transport position into vertical position, than crancked up to 22 mtr.
went very well, left you see the giant winch  (shown b4, scroll down for the pic's)  that's cranking the tower from hor.
to vertical. middle and right, crancked up to 22 mtrs high

the finished stamps, the connection between the generator and the crane electronics

Also the generator is working again, after 5 years of not operating the generator output was NIL, why ?? because the
"left over magnetic field" in the rotor was compleetly gone, we regenerated the rotor again by putting 12V DC on the
rotor field for about 15 min
. and by doing that slowly build up a magnetic field again in the rotor.
After this fire the DAF Diesel engine up till 1500 RPM, put the gearbox in gear 6, put the middle gearbox in neutral
(otherwise the wheels would also start turning) and put the PTO in to work, after this the voltage outputslowly build up
from 2,5/4V  till the normal 3-phase 220 / 380 V 

CRANE LOG: Thuesday October 9th. 2007
Chassis completely cleaned and painted black with "tectiel",  rims cleaned and painted black
Gearbox and PTO made working again, today we made the 1st test ride in the VIDOTRANS Yard
this video is uploaded to youtube, please click the link and see how much fun we had, btw, you
will hear a lot of noise, that's because the exhaustpipe demper was not mounted yet, we had to
repair it 1st, it was still at the workbench but I could'nt wait :-))) Next testrides will be a lot less noisy

cleaning the monster with a high pressure cleaner

CRANE LOG: Monday September 24th. 2007
All base stamps mounted, crane crancked up 10 cm over ground in horizontal position

mounted with 8 x M16 special bolds, lifting the crane in a nice horizontal level position

4 new stamps, each capable of lifting 12 tons, tested at 25 ton each, so 48 ton lift, 100 ton test

The old hydraulic stamps were unfortunatly useless, missing valves and leaking cilinders caused to much problems,
also spareparts were to hard to get, so we just took everything off and started all over again with something new.

CRANE LOG:  Thuesday August 28th. 2007
DAF engine, gastrottle and motorstop functioning properly again
Power steering OK again after changing the hydraulic tubes and cleaning the pump and reservoir
Hand brake, both manual and air functioning again
Compleet brake system (main, wheel cilinders and tubes) completely revisited and functioning again
All scrap from tower and truck dismantled, now ready for cleaning with high presure steamcleaner

this looks better, everything mounted again (apart from the rim & tire :-)

the inside of the cilinder, pfff, needs some cleaning and "hooning" the separate parts, the "brakeshoe"

the brake taken off, the "barral", bearing and cilinder

the "new" mounted main brake cilinders  also new copper pipe installed to the 3 axles, after a few days of hard work the brakes are functioning
again, also all 6 the wheel brake cilinders are revisited, new rubber cups and all cilinders are "hooned"

left one of the "main brake cilinders" in parts for revision  right the "new main brake cilinders"
It was difficult to find the rubber cups and other spare parts for a 40 years old brake system but C&C parts from Baarle has it all

left, the gear box driving the 3 axles and the PTO for the 60 KVA generator, right the 60 KVA generator, so a selfsupporting EME station :-))

taking off lot's of cable etc that will not be used in the new setup, demounting the horizontal boom (26 mtr long) from the tower using
12 ATO of air and a giant air tool, horizontal boom will be extended till 30 mtrs, see drawing

the giant winch that's crancking up the tower from horizontal position into vertical and than also crancking the complete tower up to 22 mtr high
using 15 mm diameter steel cable, certified and tested only 4 years ago, not a rust spot on the cable !!!

the building crane arrived at the Vidotrans yard, left Gys PA1GYS and Gerard PE1BTX with the remote control of the 20 tons crane

The crane from the back, right the smootly running 250 HP DAF diesel engine (DAF = a PACCAR company :-)

left: Gerard PE1BTX checking the relais switches, middle: the azimuth motor, right: the elevation motor

left: Job well done  /   right: 2 of my Romanian truckdrivers Nicu (left) and Dan (right) are helping Aaldert because the power steering did not
function, some new hydraulic oil happy faces again

a few more meters and the crane is  "landed" :-)

Yessss, smoke out of the exhaust pipe, Aaldert slowly driving backwards of the lowbed trailer

left: a very luxery driver position,  Aaldert PE1NKX (my technical genius) making the 1st start attempts

the "swan neck" removed to make it possible to drive of from the front,  right some starthelp was needed

put the lowbed on the ground and taking the "swan neck" of to unload via the front side of the trailer

parking at the Vidotrans yard for unloading

Arrival of the crane with a realy lowbed trailer, only 8cm's free space from the ground

I found the crane in a Belgium bush near Hasselt