Building - the worlds biggest 6 mtr EME station -
8 X 6M11JKV home made yagis on a mobile crane
22 mtr high, 30 mtr horizontal boom, full elevation

after almost a year of experience with my  4  x  6M7JHV the idea came to me to try something just a bit bigger.
Smallest station worked until now is VE7BBG 5 el / 500 W so the system is OK but to work the realy small ones I
need a few more dBīs added, so this is how the above mentioned setup came to my mind.
But tower,  rotor,  elevation system,  contra weights,   antennes would be so much bigger that normal standard
setups would not be big enough, strong enough, heavy enough to do the job. So it was time for something else.

On the following pages you will slowly see a system grow that has never been build before, some pictures may
frighten you, some times you may think I completly lost my mind (and your probably right), sometimes you may
think, it will never be completed if you look at all the junk like the mobile crane wreck.
But you can also see that we have a very good time trying to overcome all of our technical problems
and isīnt that whatīs our hobby is all about, have a good time trying to overcome technical problems



the data sheet of the:

But I wil build the antennas my self
already approx. 450 kg of alluminium ordered

building the antenna

1st testride of the crane after revision of the brakes etc.

1st test of the azimuth rotor

THE ANTENNA 6M11JKV data sheet YOU TUBE Movies of the project