2007 DK3EE EME Barbecue

Beer, coffee, Frisian "oranje koek" it looks like Geert ON4GG (left) doens't trust the cake, Bernd DF2ZC (middle) ready to take a bite
The dog of Peter DF3KV is waiting for something dropping out of the box (behind back of Geert ON4GG)

 Tom DK3EE hosting a fb BBQ, Peter DF3KV looking over us all      Gerard PE1BTX / on the back Frank PA4EME / JUrgen PE1LWT

     left: Tom DK3EE starting up the BBQ                                        right: Guido DL8EBW trying to explain what we eat :-)

Tom DK3EE, Frank PA4EME, Geert ON4GG, Bernd DF2ZC, Jurgen PE1LWT all eating, Ullie DL3YEL managing the meat

left: Tom DK3EE enjoying the food    right: Frank DL8YHR eating his 8th. piece of "oranjekoek" Gerard PE1BTX watching 

from Left to right: Johan ON4IQ / Jurgen PE1LWT / Gerard PE1BTX / Geert ON4GG inspecting a 6 mtr expedition PA

left the DK3EE 2 mtr shack, right the PA corner with the dubble GS35B PA's

EME array at DK3EE                     Lins PA3CMC and Frank PA4EME operating the DK3EE station

after the BBQ the DVD of 5A7A expedition was shown, tnx Frank PA4EME for the fladscreen and Frank DL8YHR for the DVD-disc

left to right:
Frank PA4EME, Geert ON4GG, Ullie DL3YEL, Holger DL8YAU, Jurgen PE1LWT. Peter DF3KV,
Gerard PE1BTX, Johan ON4IQ Frank DL8YHR and Thomas DL8OBD

The real ZB2DF2ZC / PE1BTX story

This looks like a simple QSL exhange between Bernd DF2ZC and Gerard PE1BTX please scroll down for the details

Is this somebody offering EUR. 200,00 for a new DXCC

No, this is a joke ofcourse, PE1BTX (like a few others) never worked ZB2/DF2ZC.