Far left; the tower using 2 x GS35B PA for 2 mtr and for 70 cm EME,    vertical blackbox above my right shoulder is my spare 2 mtr PA
using 2x 4CX250B,  behind my head the 6 mtr PA using 2 x GS35B also for EME,  topshelf left TH338 23 cm PA  and 23 cm Transverter.
middle topshelf SB220 modified (spare) 6 Mtr PA and right topshelf normal SB220 HF PA,  lowershelf left;  23 cm tranceiver and home
made sequenser for EME use, IC910 2 mtr/70 cm tranceiver, TS690S 6 mtr/HF tranceiver, far right just visible EME antenna control unit.