The 2007 PE1BTX/MM & PE1LWT/MM Expedition without radio :-)

Shipslog: Saturday August 11th. 2007, departure from harbour of Akkrum

The 29ft. sailingboat          and ofcourse no entering befoure polishing your shoes

on our way from Akkrum to Galamadammen,  relaxing with coffee, how simple can live be?

PE1LWT/MM relaxing at Galamadammen in South-West Fryslan

Droeslag = vergiet

not a bad live !

Shipslog: Wednesday August 15th. 2007 on the IJssellake from Stavoren to Enkhuizen (IJssellake = former Southern Sea)

PE1LWT/MM trying to hold course at Gail Force 7-8 on the IJsselmeer

Shipslog: Thursday August 16th. 2007 On the IJssellake/Markerlake from Enkhuizen to Volendam

getting soaking wet with all the "showers" coming over the boat

pfffffffff how wet can you get ??


save in the harbour of Volendam, shearing drinks with our temporarely neighbours

Shipslog: Friday August 17th. 2007 on the IJssellake from Volendam to Hoorn

an unexpected guest, under full sail from Volendam to Hoorn

The "scheepsjongens van Bontekoe" :-)


the harbour of Hoorn, pffff what happened to our boat :-)

also nice for a change

What a coincidense, party time in Hoorn (Kermis Hoorn 650 years) with a big firework

Shipslog: Saturday August 18th. 2007 from Hoorn (departure 08:30 h.) via Enkhuizen crossing the IJssellake, Stavoren to Sneek, arrival at 18:30 h. 

encounter with a "botter" from Elburg on the IJssellake

Jurgen setting course to Stavoren, always secured on open sea         Our radio, navigation and speed/depth meas. equipment


Sneek !! (Snits :-)