JO 22 XW
Gerard  van den Berg
Schoterlandseweg 52
8451 KC  Oudeschoot

PICTURES FROM 1963 - 2004

1963: operating the old Telefunken

1976: home, very proudly with my first home made 9 el. 2 mtr antenna on top of the

roof at my parents home in Sneek – CN79F, lasted only one storm

1976: contestgroup PA0GUS/A on top of the old technical school in Sneek – CN79F  40 mtr’s A.S.L.
left Jan PE1AVG, right Guus PA0GUS

1977: home, working out of my first shack, top-right the Semco-Terzo, top-middle

rebuild storno, on the roof 16 el. F9FT and groundplane

1978: home, improved station with 1 x 4CX250B and H.V. powersupply on the left,
on the roof 2 x 16 el. F9FT at 5 degrees elevation

1980: contestgroup PA0GUS/P in CM09H, left Fred PE1DAB, middle Guus PA0GUS, right Jan PE1AVG the site was
located near the farm of the father of Douwe PA0DKO in “Koufurderige”” , on the right you see the 5 towers, 

among other antennes in the middle 4 x 16 el. F9FT for 2 mtrs

1981: home,  black box left = 2 x 4CX250B and H.V. 
powersupply, transverters for 70 cm & 23cm
PA’s with 2C39 on the shelf

 1982: Perseid shower from CN68F, left Gerard PE1BTX on the keyer, right Bert former NL5305/PA3DWD, now PA7 MM

listening to the pings and bursts, station set-up 1 x 16 el F9FT, Tx 1 KW, Rx 0.8 db

1983: EME together with PA2VST / PA2V, 8 x homemade 10 el Veron beam, left Gerard PE1BTX in the tower,

Tx 1 KW, Rx 0,8 db, system broke down in a storm and we changed the system into 4 x 17 el Q-Dee

1984: My visit to Lionel VE7BQH in Vancouver, right his 334 el. EME array with AZ-EL and Hor-Vert. Rotation

1982-1992: PA0GUS/P moved to “Otje Tille” an old watermill in CN68F, active on 2, 70, 23, 13, 9, 6 and 3

 Geert PA0GRB                     Gerard PE1BTX                     Guus  PA0GUS                     Johan PE1LAU  / PE9DX