the knies of Johan PA3FPQ, Jurgen PE1LWT, Eene PA3CEG, ???, ???, Catharines PE1AEO, Truus XYL PE1AEO
Wim PE1FJP, Timo PE1FOD, Catharines PE1AHX

Gerard PE1BTX, Jurgen PE1LWT, Catharines PE1AHX, Arie PC7M

Tom DK3EE,  XYL DK3EE  and the campfire after the BBQ

ofcourse no entering in our tent without polishing ur shoes !!!

the "krokodildo's" on tour :-)   breakfast  Jurgen PE1LWT, Johan PA3FPQ, Henk PA0KEP & XYL

demonstration of receiving the deepspace (1.600.000 km away) sattelite STEREO A  NASA Solar system exploration project at 8 GHz

the world famous LIDL elevation read out system mounted on the Baloon antenna, right the proud inventor Johan PA3FPQ

Pit DL7UHU with his 320 Terra Hertz "full duplex transceiver" , right Jurgen PE1LWT, DO7LED, Gerard PE1BTX making a QSO on 320 THz

Gerard PE1BTX adjusting the "antenna",  DO7LED & Johan PA3FPQ making QSO's with DL7UHU on 320 THz

The P56 Baloon project, "flying" for 3 hours up to 30 Km. high !!!

the parachute for a save landing of the electronic equipment, the radar reflector for airtraffic savety

the "let go" of the baloon, on it's way to 30 Km.,  we could al follow the project on 145.320 by the build in Tom-Tom miep who very kindly told
us the hight, the position, the outdoor temparature,  12.250 mtr   - 53,5 degrees Celcius   brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


See you all again in 2008