My other hobbies




Since March 2007 I'm the proud owner of a JaKon II   29 ft. / 55 qmtr. Sailingboat.
It is fully equipt for sailing at sea and has a 2 cilinder inboard 20HP Sabb dieselengine.
So whenever the weather is OK and theirs no real DXCC hunting on 2 mtr or 6 mtr EME
you can find me somewhere on the Frisian lakes, the IJsellake, the Waddensea or even further :-))

To avoid upcoming "DX-questions".  The boat is NOT YET equipt with 2 mtr or 6 mtr gear to activate
rare squares in the northsea or beyond :-)))

The JaKon II  called    "Picunia nigger"

Sailing on the "Sneeker meer" (Frisian Lake)


Sailing on the "Langweerder Wielen" (Frisian Lake) at Force 6
giving a nice 20 degrees angle


With the wind from behind and sails "wide open".  Left the front sail put out with the "spinnakerboom"
and right the "big-back sail" put out at almost 70 degrees